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Street & Custom

Providing location, inspection and transportation of YOUR dream machine!

How Can We Help You?

International Presence

Having a representative in Australia with whom you can communicate during business hours is a good thing.

But when you're looking to buy abroad, having "boots on the ground" is an invaluable asset.

Street & Custom offers you the best of both worlds, with a presence on both sides of the equation offering you the highest level of service possible.


From simple photo sets to full multi-point inspections by certified mechanics, at Street & Custom we can arrange several different types of inspection pre-purchase.

We are networked with multiple agencies and groups that provide these services in nearly every city in the United States, as well as Canada and the UK.

Need a look before you leap? Contact us to make it happen!


We at Street & Custom have successfully negotiated dozens of vehicle and equipment purchases. Every deal has the potential to be truly "Win-Win"

With a solid knowledge of the "supply side" of the market, we know where the best price lies, and how to get it on almost any vehicle - both for the buyer, and the seller.

This commitment to a fair deal has made us a welcome visitor at dealers across the USA, as well as given us a good reputation on eBay and other feedback-driven markets.

Overland Logistics

Believe it or not, transporting a vehicle across 7,500 miles of ocean can be a breeze compared to transporting over 1,000+ miles of American highway.

At Street & Custom we are in direct contact with our tow contractors, and not with layers of brokers or anonymous job post websites.

Proper licencing and insurance are always confirmed, and photo documentation of each step of the transport process is always made to protect each party's interest.