Paris Bans “Classic” Cars

In the ongoing debate around what to do about metropolitan pollution, new ideas are almost always met with a firestorm of criticism and commentary. No exemption is the city of Paris’ controversial decision to ban all pre-1997 vehicles from its streets during the week (article is in French; English commentary linked below.) The city claims that classic vehicles make up only 10% of its vehicle population, yet account for 50% of the pollution, and this measure actually becomes more strict over time, culminating in 2025 when all cars over ten years old are affected by the ban.

The ban is not without controversy or critics.

“These restrictions don’t achieve anything from an environmental point of view,” Daniel Quero, president of 40 millions d’automobilistes, said in a statement this month. “The only reason that Anne Hidalgo announces these restrictions is to push cars outside of the capital, without concern for the economic and social consequences,” Quero added.

(from English-language commentary at The Verge)

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